2010-04-01 15:49:58 by Brooksay

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You can view it on KevinBacon too.

My lazy ass finally finished the Biggie Smalls toon I started ten months ago, check it out here!

It'll be on YouTube soon as well.

Peace guys.


2009-04-02 04:26:58 by Brooksay

Believe it or not I just uploaded my first two ever videos to YouTube. Both of them are just short animations I did in an attempt to spread the word.

If you haven't seen them yet I say watch them on NewGrounds. From what I've seen on YouTube it skips random frames sometimes.

Enjoy and laugh. If you don't laugh I'll make you laugh with the next one that is being released.

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Check the portal everyday

2009-03-31 22:54:25 by Brooksay

I've plans for a few more short films along the lines of what I most recently submitted, My First Car Accident.

Since I'm no big time studio I'll just let you know the baseline of a few projects I'm working on.

One I've been working on in random five hour spurts is about Biggie Smalls. Should be a favorite and an award if done right.

Another is about an Airshow.

Watch out for the titles...