2009-04-02 04:26:58 by Brooksay

Believe it or not I just uploaded my first two ever videos to YouTube. Both of them are just short animations I did in an attempt to spread the word.

If you haven't seen them yet I say watch them on NewGrounds. From what I've seen on YouTube it skips random frames sometimes.

Enjoy and laugh. If you don't laugh I'll make you laugh with the next one that is being released.

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2009-04-02 05:41:39

Wow, the car one was o.k. , but at the end of the crazy killer dude one made me laugh. You never shoot a black guys when he's looking XD

Brooksay responds:

glad you got a kick out of one of em


2009-04-02 05:44:18

why would a wacky suicidal maniac spend all his time killing other people?

Brooksay responds:

because he's eventually going to blow his own brains out. the whole disregard for other humans thing


2009-04-02 07:36:12

that's kinda cool


2009-04-02 09:37:44

20 Second toons are more and less than 20 seconds :C

YOU LIED TO ME. Communist.

Brooksay responds:

It's an average XD


2009-04-02 16:37:51

The car one was funny only because of the pathetic hilarious way that guy sang with the song.

Brooksay responds:

which is why it should be funny. thanks mario!


2009-04-02 16:39:16

Sorry, I hadn't watched the second one yet.

The elephant made it a win.

Brooksay responds:

Elephant definitely was the winning idea


2009-04-02 20:02:57

I just watched em, and those were a bag of giggles(in a good way though)

Got that mark m. thing going on.

(Updated ) Brooksay responds:

Marc M is definitely an inspiration for me when it comes to short toons. I like your stuff and I'll keep an eye out for new toons


2009-08-31 14:48:27

Make some more stuff holmes!!

By the way, I just noticed you live in Auburn. I'm bumming over at Syracuse if you know where that is. ;)