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love the duck noise at the end. dug the original face punchings and eye ball poppings. thats when i knew this was gonna be good

reminds me

reminds me of ren and stimpy a lot, which i like.

Your timing was great

Your animation had great timing between keyframes and you eased in and out of movements. It looked good despite the often awkwardly distorted key pose.

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

Ok that's sweet. 'cause like ya.. I know the drawings were somewhat... ambiguous but I WAS pretty proud of my animatin' at times. Heh.
I AM also usually proud of my timing so it's good to hear that from someone else!

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the game wasnt ridiculously long

game was easy til the end, pretty fun air strafing, made me feel a bit like ol chuck n.

A little iffy

I had a problem with going through the things the snake has to eat, which look like mini-dynamite sticks. This was due to the controllability of the snake and how inaccurate turning could be.

The game itself wasn't bad. Score a 170 on my last attempt, which is mediocre I'd say.

prepare for a weird ass review.

To start this off, I actually like "Shine" by Collective Soul but from now on it will probably remind me of this game.

The graphics, I thought, were pretty cool and fit the kind of game you made perfectly. The sound you got a 10 for because I like Collective Soul. Violence, graphically, was a 5 because a few red pixels isn't gory.

Humor - 8. The actual killing of fellow students is not the criteria I considered for the Humor rating. I find this entire Flash game funny just because you were ballsy enough to make a game about the biggest massacre on US soil. THAT IS the funny part, how stupid you are, but how yearning you are to make a name for yourself.

Overall, a zero, because the entire concept is wrong. You know it, I know it; you were going for shock. You got it. I discovered this game through Google news.

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